Intel is making Qualcomm chips in the new foundries


Intel has announced a major new customer for its new Intel Foundry Services business: Qualcomm. Best known for designing Snapdragon chips that power most major Android phones, Qualcomm’s chips will be manufactured by Intel in the coming years using Intel’s upcoming 20A process.

No schedule has been announced for when the first Qualcomm chips manufactured by Intel will arrive or what Qualcomm products Intel will produce.

In addition, Amazon’s AWS will work with Intel Foundry Services, relying on Intel’s packaging solutions (even if Intel doesn’t directly manufacture chips for Amazon).

Qualcomm trusts Intel’s newly announced Intel 20A technology node to be released in 2024. The Intel 20A introduces a new transistor architecture, RibbonFET, Intel’s first since 2011.

Intel previously announced its new foundry business as part of it the “IDM 2.0” strategy of new CEO Pat Gelsinger soon after he took control of the company. Intel Foundry Services was a key part of this plan, and Intel seems to be expanding in addition to manufacturing its own chips to handle the production of third-party companies. Qualcomm and Amazon are the first – and highest-profile – partners Intel has so far announced for IFS, although Gelsinger has previously mentioned that Intel is in talks with more than 100 companies about foundry work.

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