Intel is reportedly in talks to buy a $ 30 billion foundry company, AMD, a decade ago

In 2008, chip makers Intel and AMD followed two different paths: Intel continued to manufacture its own chips to maintain full control, while AMD decided to divest its semiconductor company called GlobalFoundries, relying on it and other manufacturers to provide real silicon. Now, Wall Street Journal reports that Intel is also working to get AMD’s former plants into an agreement that could cost them $ 30 billion.

That is clear WSJ the story that the deal is not a sure thing, and GlobalFoundries outright denied negotiations with Intel. But it is possible that Intel will negotiate with an investment firm that will instead own GlobalFoundries WSJ points out. It is also fascinating that Magazine there is no “no comment” from Intel itself – it is sometimes Canary to show the company made comment, just a record or a deep background.

(“We refuse to comment on rumors and speculation,” an Intel spokesman said Edge, although.)

There’s an obvious reason why Intel might want GlobalFoundries – it’s actually increasing its foundry operations now. In an attempt to turn a struggling company, Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger announced in March that the company will no longer go it alone, by outsourcing most of its chip production to third – party foundries, by committing itself to producing more wood chips for other companies using their own foundries, and by investing in new fables themselves. It involved a $ 20 billion investment in new facilities in Arizona, but building and constructing new buildings can take years.

At the same time, it sounds like the world’s foundry # 4 (according to TrendForce) can be contagious and accounts for 7% of the turnover of the entire foundry business. It won’t put Intel in the same position as giant TSMC or Samsung (with a combined share of an estimated 74 percent), but that would be a start.

Washington Post took tour of GlobalFoundries ’production facility in Malta, NY just last week if you want to hear what it is like.

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