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InventHelp has been helping new inventors since 1984, and it has built a reputation for being one of the industry leaders. Whether you have an idea that relates to technology, science, green inventions, medical, or anything else, they can help you.

Getting support and assistance with your first invention journey can make all the difference, and it’s something that a lot of people find difficult to do without help. This is why many choose to seek out professional providers that can offer   reassurance and peace of mind on their first journey.

They can help you get your invention patented

When it comes to inventing, one of the most important things is to make sure that your idea is properly protected. If you don’t do this, it could be at risk of being stolen or patented by someone else before you get a chance to claim it yourself.

InventHelp Review can help with this. They can refer you to a specialist patent legal professional who can ensure that your invention idea is fully sorted out and protected.

You will need to provide them with the details of your invention, and then they will do their best to sort this out for you. This can be a very complex process, and you should never attempt to do it on your own!

InventHelp is a company that has been helping inventors since 1984. They have a wide range of services and can help you with every step of the way. They can help you package your idea, provide you with a low-cost patent referral and even confidentially submit it to companies that are interested in new ideas. click here for more info They can help you get your invention patented

They can help you get a prototype sorted out

Getting your prototype sorted out is an essential part of the invention process, especially if you’re planning on showing it off to potential investors. This is something that InventHelp can help you with, as they offer assistance in the form of designing and making a great looking prototype to showcase your invention to prospective customers and investors.

InventHelp has been helping new inventors with their invention ideas for almost 40 years, and they have certainly made their mark in this field. It is no surprise, then, that they are regularly voted as one of the best providers in their field.

The InventHelp team are no strangers to the innovation scene, having helped thousands of new inventors with their inventions over the years. Whether you’re in the technology, medical, or green industries, they have the knowledge and experience to help you turn your idea into a reality. Their packaged services and high levels of support are sure to help you take your invention to the next level, no matter where it stands in the market place. source  They can help you get a prototype sorted out

They can help you get your invention marketed

If you have a new invention idea, it can be very hard to get it noticed by businesses and investors. This is where InventHelp Review can come in handy. They have a large database of companies that are willing to look at your invention idea in confidence and can help you find the right one for your project.

They also offer support and practical assistance to inventors at every stage of their journey. This can include referring you to legal experts for patent protection, helping you develop a prototype, and more.

Unlike some other invention promotion companies, InventHelp does not make any guarantees that your invention will be successful. They only promise that they will put you in the best possible position to get it launched into the market, which means that you can rest assured that they are on your side at all times.

Another important consideration is whether InventHelp has a good reputation in the industry. This is important because it shows that they are a professional provider that has been around for a while and is able to provide the level of support that new inventors need. click to visit  They can help you get your invention marketed

They can help you get funding

InventHelp is a full-service provider that can help you get your invention idea off the ground. They can help you with a range of things, including packaging your ideas and referring you to patent attorneys.

They can also make a prototype model of your invention, which is an important tool for getting your idea out there and showing off your invention to potential companies. They will also submit your idea to their data bank of relevant companies that are interested in inventing.

The team at InventHelp cannot guarantee the success of your invention, as there are many factors involved. They can, however, provide you with the support and guidance that you need to increase your chances of success.

The team at InventHelp is experienced and highly-regarded, so you can trust them with your invention. They can even help you with the funding aspect of your project, so you will be able to take your invention idea to the next level as quickly as possible.


InventHelp is a company that provides support and assistance to inventors in developing and protecting their ideas. They offer a range of services, including patent research and filing, prototype development, and marketing assistance.


  1. How can InventHelp help me with my invention?

    • InventHelp can help you with your invention by providing a range of services to support you throughout the invention process. They can help you research and file a patent application, develop a prototype of your invention, and provide marketing and licensing assistance. InventHelp also has a network of industry contacts and can help you connect with potential investors or partners.
  2. How much does it cost to work with InventHelp?

    • The cost of working with InventHelp varies depending on the services you require and the complexity of your invention. They offer a free invention evaluation to help you understand the potential costs and services that may be necessary for your idea. It’s important to carefully consider your budget and the value of the services before deciding to work with any company, including InventHelp.

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