iOS 15: Apple introduces Live Text technology that can find text in your photos


iOS 15: Apple introduces Live Text technology that can find text in your photos

Apple has streamlined the game in many areas this year, according to its live preview iOS 15 yesterday. The latest annual update to Apple’s operating system lets your iPhone, iPad, or Mac recognize words or text anywhere indoors images on your device as long as they appear on the screen.

Live text in the camera application

Not only does the feature work with previous (and future) photos on the camera roll, but it’s also integrated directly into the camera app, allowing you to view, copy, and paste text taken directly from the view in front of you without necessarily saving an image you may not need. Discuss a streamlined experience!

This new little Live text the widget appears on the screen as soon as it detects text anywhere in your environment, in the form of a small yellow circle in the lower right corner of the camera application (near the zoom button).

When you click it, the camera pauses the image, allowing you to select the part of the text you need with your finger. The above options are immediately available for “copying”, “select all”, “searching”, “translating” and “sharing” text.

In particular, the “translation” option is part of a huge update to the versatility of Apple’s translation capabilities, as iOS 15 allows Apple users to translate text from almost anywhere, including entire web pages and text within photos, in almost any language to another.

Apple’s streaming visuals look like that when you use Live text If you want to extract text from photos, even formatting details such as bullets penetrate the clipboard to make the text look as polished as possible anywhere.

If you are trying to save a copy of a professor’s notes from a class board, for example, Live text lets you instantly copy and save them to iCloud Notes (or anything else), which syncs instantly and is ready to view on your MacBook.

If only we had this in the days when we had to copy the writings on the board word for word into a physical notebook. (But then again it is said that it is easier to commit to memory by handwriting, so there is a balance in everything …)

Live text in Photos

As mentioned earlier, on the launch day of iOS 15 Live text this feature is used for all the photos you already have on your camera roll, retroactively. Apple analyzes them, finds visible text in the background or foreground, and prepares it for easy selection.

Unlike the camera app, in Photos, you don’t always have to press dedicated Live text activate OCR.

You can simply process the text in a photo in the same way as any regular text: just hold your finger on it for a moment and then move your finger to the right or left to select what you need. Obviously, it doesn’t matter if the text is slanted or vertical – the device searches and selects everything alike.

The “Search” option lets you instantly search for text or a name in Safari, the App Store, or Maps. For example, if you encounter a photo of a friend taken in front of an awesome looking ice cream shop, you suddenly feel like visiting, you can immediately choose the name of the store from the picture, choose “search” and find everything you need. from the place – the menu, opening hours, even directions – with a drop.

Live text finds phone numbers in photos

If you thought it was, you are wrong. Apple will also integrate phone number recognition into the future Live text a feature that lets you call or text a number from a photo with just a few taps.

Change first Live text button in the lower right corner. This forces the device to bring out all the great features – if it sees a phone number, it is underlined. When you tap an underlined number, you’ll see a drop-down list of different options for whether you want to call, message, FaceTime / FaceTime sound, add to contactsor copy that number.

Live text works throughout the system

Apple promises Live text works with any text anywhere as long as it appears on the screen. This includes screenshots, QuickLook, and even images you come across while surfing the web.

Live text supports seven languages ​​(currently) and three devices

At the moment, Live text will be able to select display text in one of the following seven languages ​​(but certainly more in the future):

  • English
  • Simplified and traditional Chinese
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spain
  • Portuguese

It is also supported on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Outside of living text: Visual search

At the WWDC event, Apple also mentioned the new addition Visual search a feature that can identify different objects and allow you to search for information about them in the blink of an eye. According to Apple, it helps you easily categorize, for example, dog breeds, flower types, geographical locations, etc.

However, this particular feature was outlined as close thinking during streaming, which led us to believe that it is not yet as impressive or diverse a stage of development as Google Lens, released with a similar feature in 2018.

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