iPad keyboards, Xbox accessories, and more are on sale today


If you’re planning to type on your iPad, an Apple smart keyboard might be a good accessory. It is currently $ 115 on Amazon, which is $ 44 off the regular price. It’s dropped to about $ 100 in the past, according to CamelCamelCamel’s pricing data, but this is a lot if you want to buy right now. This model can work with the previous and current generation of the 10.2-inch iPad as well as the latest generation 10.5-inch iPad Air or the latest generation 10.5-inch iPad Pro models.

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad

Write off with Apple’s smart keyboard. This model is compatible with the seventh and eighth generation iPad, the third generation iPad Air, or the older 10.5-inch iPad Pro. When folded, it only covers the front of the tablet.

For a little cheaper, you can choose a more protective and efficient Brydge keyboard. Its 10.2 Max Plus model supports the previous and latest generation iPads, and it adds a large trackpad in addition to the keyboard. You have to keep it charged, unlike the smart keyboard above, but each charge is said to take up to six months. Read my colleague Sam Byford’s review of the larger version made for the 12.9-inch iPad, which has similar features as here.

Brydge 10.2 Max Plus

This new Brydge model offers a keyboard and multi-touchpad to get more out of your seventh or eighth generation iPad. It protects your tablet from all angles, and its battery is claimed to last up to six months with each charge.

Antonline still offers an excellent discount on the package that includes Xbox Wireless Headphones and one of Microsoft’s new Xbox wireless controllers in bold. Instead of paying $ 165 for each separately, you can get them together for $ 140, saving you $ 25. You can select a package that contains red pulse controller, shock blue controllerand one with electronic voltage regulator.

Xbox Wireless Headset and Driver Pack

Antonline offers a package that includes Xbox Wireless Headphones (supports Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless on a console or computer) and an Xbox controller for $ 25.

If you are Really for coffee making, the Stagg ECG kettle is sharply reduced at Nordstrom (via Slick offers). Usually $ 150, it is $ 120 in both matte white and blue, in each maple accent. It is still more expensive than some people want to use, but this product received praise when Raja ‘s staff shared their favorite coffee and tea making facilities.

Stagg ECG kettle

The Stagg ECG has a knob to adjust the temperature and acts as a timer when you press and hold it. It is a well-made kettle that usually costs much more than its current selling price.

Here are some other offers you may be interested in:

  • Ponket manufactures fourteen wireless chargers that can simultaneously charge the iPhone 12 series via MagSafe, Apple Watch and the AirPod series. Normally $ 45, it’s about $ 33 On Amazon before taxes, after cutting the 5 percent discount coupon on the product page. Heads-up only: Apple is not MFI certified, so download results may vary.
  • Beats Solo Pro on-ear headphones in light blue are $ 145 in the Woot, which is about as affordable as this model is still sold.

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