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Apple has announced a new iPad Prowith an Apple M1 processor and 5G interface. In addition to awe-inspiring hardware upgrades iPad Pro The 2021 lineup will bring good deals on mobile phone models. Pre-ordering begins April 30 at Apple.com. The 2021 iPad Pro will be available in the second half of May, although the exact release date is not yet known. You can also read our full story on the new iPad Pro.Jump:

Apple iPad Pro 2021 price

The iPad Pro is available in two sizes and five different storage options. It starts at $ 799, but the fully packaged model will return you $ 2099. As always, there are only Wi-Fi and 5G cell variants. Here’s a breakdown of what each version of the iPad Pro 2021 costs:

11 inch iPad Pro (2021) price

11 inches iPad Pro (2021) Wi-Fi or 5G Cellular only has five storage options:

12.9 inch iPad Pro (2021) price

12.9 inches iPad Pro (2021) Wi-Fi or 5G Cellular only has five storage options:

Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are available in either gray or silver.

iPad Pro 2021 offers and pre-order


The 2021 iPad Pro models will be pre-orderable on April 30 on the company’s website in all their variations. The release date for the new iPad Pro is May. Not surprisingly, there are no contracts for just Wi-Fi variants, although you might get a contract for a 5G cell phone model. Plus, you get a 3% money back if you use your Apple card.


Sometime in May, the 2021 iPad Pro will be available for purchase from Amazon. Probably all storage versions will be sold on the site. We will update this information as new ones become available.

The best purchase

All versions of the iPad Pro 2021 are coming to Best Buy. You can choose a site that notifies you when iPads are in stock.


The 2021 iPad Pro collection will soon be available at B&H. You can choose to be notified on the site when they are in stock.


If you purchase a new iPad Pro Cellular model with an T-Mobile-compatible data package from Apple.com through June 27, you will receive a $ 200 virtual prepaid MasterCard gift card after activating the device.


If you purchase one of the new iPad Pro Cellular models through Apple.com on June 27 with an AT&T-compatible wireless contract, you will receive a $ 150 discount on your data bill after activating the device.


Verizon is offering a $ 200 e-gift card if you purchase new iPad Pro Cellular models from Apple.com with one of their valid data plans. You will receive a $ 200 gift card when you activate your new iPad Pro.

Exchange options

You can trade in your old iPad when you buy the 2021 iPad Pro for $ 580 in merchandise. Here’s how much you might trade in an old, well-maintained iPad:

  • iPad Pro 12.9, 4th generation, 128GB Wi-Fi – $ 580
  • iPad Pro 12.9, 3rd generation, 64GB Wi-Fi – $ 535
  • iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen 128GB Wi-Fi – $ 500
  • iPad Air 3 64GB Wi-Fi – $ 275
  • iPad 9.7 2019 32GB Wi-Fi – $ 235
  • iPad Mini 5 64GB Wi-Fi – $ 215

Please note that currently no 2020 iPad model is eligible to trade when ordering the 2021 iPad Pro.


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