Is Kentico Better Than WordPress?

The changing digital marketing landscape makes it imperative to build a powerful content management system (CMS) to feed your customer and foster your business. 

Managing and regularly updating websites has become necessary to survive in the digital world. But, it takes a lot of time and effort to update information while keeping their messaging consistent for conversions.

 This is where the Customer management system plays a significant role. It is an application that allows businesses to manage, edit, update existing web pages quickly in a single interface. CMS helps developers build dynamic web pages without knowing HTML or CSS.

You can quickly and regularly update and manage your content with a good CMS without even putting the website down. But which CMS website builder is suitable for your new project? Since there are numerous CMS website builders, like WordPress, Drupal, and Kentico, choosing the one for your website entirely depends on your business and its requirements.

The CMS website builder applications are incredible, but people are often bewildered between WordPress and Kentico as both are powerful and agile. However, Kentico is a better CMS application for customization, versatility, reporting, and security than WordPress. Plus, it suits all types of business which fall between medium and large scale. 

So, why not contact a Kentico Development company or Kentico development service to modernize your old-fashioned web pages for better user engagement. Kentico is a highly secure and customizable application for content management systems, giving you the freedom to enhance your web pages. 

In this post, we will learn why you choose Kentico over WordPress and how to choose the best Kentico development company for your business. So, let’s get started!

Summary Table

Factors Kentico WordPress
Security High Low
Development and maintenance Easy but require the help of Kentico web development service Easy; no need of experts
Customization Pre-installed features for easier customization Require 3rd party plugins for customization
Suitable for Every type of website, from medium to high scale site Not an ideal choice for medium and high scale website
Templates Multiple templates Multiple templates
Price Starts from $4,999   Open-source and free, but not secured
Presence of an online community Small community Big community
Live support Yes No

Kentico vs. WordPress


Kentico is a highly advanced content management system application based on It comes with an integrated marketing solution that can give a new direction to your website. Plus, Kentico has a workflow feature that makes it easier for users to create, edit and update content. It offers out-of-the-box features to its users. That’s why companies like Samsung, Ford, Microsoft, and Sony use it.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on MySQL and PHP, popular among low-scale websites. It is a good application, but it lacks security and live support, making your CMS vulnerable to hackers. WordPress is not suitable for heavy eCommerce websites as you have to make some systematic changes which take a lot of time and money.

Benefits of using Kentico over WordPress

  • Versatile
  • Various class and reporting features
  • Easy to use
  • It takes less time to build customer-centric CMS
  • It doesn’t show frequent updates
  • Integrated Salesforce
  • Better SEO than some of the WordPress themes
  • Fast loading than WordPress 
  • Highly adaptable and customizable
  • High secure than WordPress

Maybe you have now decided where to go. So, let’s take a look into choosing the best Kentico development company as all Kentico development services are not as good as they claimed.

How To Choose A Kentico Web Development Company?

Look for the technical knowledge of the company

This is the first thing you should check before hiring a Kentico web development service. Verify the company has excelled in technical knowledge and can carry out your requirements.

Hire budget-friendly development service

You should not hire a company that doesn’t have specialization in this field. It’s imperative to find a Kentico development company that can serve your needs in your budget.

Ask for their portfolio

It is the most crucial step of hiring a Kentico development service. Always ask the company to share their previous works and samples to understand their service and knowledge.

Final Take

Building a powerful CMS these days has become a necessity. Failing to do so will significantly impact your business, and you will spend a lot of time managing your content, but still, it will not catch the eyes of your customers. Using a powerful CMS application, you can quickly solve this problem. For this, Kentico is an ideal application; it is highly scalable and integrated with Salesforce and other automation that can power up your content management and secure it. If you have a medium or high-scale website, it’s best to contact Exemplifi. They are the leading Kentico development company with years of excellence in this field, offering you complete CMS solutions that cater to your customers’ needs and power up your website.

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