Jabba the Hutt in one shot to introduce the new bounty hunter Deva Lompop


Marvel has announced that he will present a brand new bounty hunter to a distant galaxy when Deva Lompop debuts Star Wars: Bounty Hunters War – Jabba the Hutt a one-shot comic.


Author Justina Ireland and artist Iban Coello have created Deva Lompop, and Jabba the Hutt recruits to succeed where Boba Fett has failed and bring her Han Solo! Deva has a number of unique weapons and an athletic killer, and is set to have a significant impact on the fast-paced crossover and will appear in all four future bounty hunter wars.

And while Deva may be new to fans, she has been causing problems in the Star Wars galaxy for a long time. A member of an alien species called Sheva, Deva’s long life has allowed her to work in the underworld since the era of the High Republic, and readers can expect to see her in the works set during that time in the near future!

“Deva was my love for feathered lizards and bad women,” Justina Ireland said. “It’s definitely something awesome that we get a chance to bring High Republic make War of Bounty Huntersand High Republic fans who should watch Deva in future work.



Star Wars: Bounty Hunters War – Jabba the Hutt # 1 goes on sale on July 21st.

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