Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin connects the world, but doesn’t tell you how


Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, a well-known Bitcoin Superfan, argued on Monday that the cryptocurrency will eventually unite the world. Yes really.

Monday afternoon change to Senate infrastructure package that would have expanded government involvement in cryptocurrency was blocked. Shortly thereafter, Dorsey tweeted about it “#Bitcoin connects a deeply divided country. (And ultimately: the world).”

Dorsey did not specify the country, but because he has been by tweeting a a lot the amendment, because it failed, seems to be talking about the United States. He has not yet explained in more detail.

This is not the first time Dorsey has mentioned Bitcoin as a vague solution to major problems. At the Bitcoin conference in July, he said, “My hope is that [Bitcoin] creates world peace. “He specified:

Elon said it earlier. We have all these monopolies of violence, and the individual has no power. The costs and disruptions to our monetary system are real today, and it takes our attention away from the bigger problems, some of the bigger problems that Elon is trying to solve – like getting us into a multi-planetary humanity. All of these distractions that we have to deal with on a daily basis are taking away all the big goals that affect every single person on this planet, more and more. It may sound a little ridiculous, but you fix it at a basic level and all things above it in such a dramatic way. It will take a long time, but I definitely hope for peace.

It is still unclear how Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency worth more than $ 46,000 per coin and one that is mined at a huge cost to the environment, can help solve some of the world ‘s basic problems.

Dorsey has been preaching the Bitcoin Gospel for some time now showing a Bitcoin watch witnessing in front of Congress, opening a new Bitcoin business unit for Square called TBDand even proposes in 2018 that Bitcoin become the “single currency” of the world Within 10 years. It looks likely that he will continue to beat Bitcoin’s drum in the near future – maybe soon he’ll even let people buy ads on Twitter with it.

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