Jake Paul will not face federal charges after the FBI attack


A U.S. lawyer has no plans to prosecute Jake Paul to TMZ and statement sent to Limit By Paul’s lawyers. Paul The FBI is investigating, WHO made an attack on his house, for participating in an event that took place at the Arizona Mall in May 2020.

These particular legal problems began when Paul was photographed in and around a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, who was robbed as a result of a brutal police demonstration. The murder of George Floyd. Paul denied involvement in the looting (and was not seen in such videos on social media), but was still accused of a crime and illegal assembly Scottsdale Police Department.

According to the policethe charges against Paul were dropped so the FBI could conduct a federal criminal investigation. Now in the deleted video Paul said the investigation was the reason why the FBI made an attack on his home In California in August 2020. At the time, the FBI confirmed that it had conducted “federal exploration permits” in California that related to the investigation but did not comment on what it was looking for or found. Now it looks like the investigation is over.

So far, Jake Paul has apparently not commented on the U.S. prosecutor’s decision. Last week, however, he referred on Twitter to an escape from the FBI.

Paul’s counsel said Limit that they are “pleased that the U.S. prosecutor came to the conclusion that criminal charges should not be brought.”

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