Jason Statham upgrades Hobbs & Shaw 2 and returns to mainstream


After making his first appearance during the final text scene Wildheads 6, where he seemingly “killed” a fan favorite character Han, played by Sung Kang, Jason Statham ‘s Deckard Shaw became a significant part of the franchise villain year. Furious 7 and later as a family member in The fate of the furious.


After the release of the eighth film, Statham co-starred with Dwayne Johnson in a spinoff film, Fast and furious performances: Hobbs & Shaw, to which Statham has recently provided an update on the sequel during the interview Collision promotes Guy Ritchie’s Human anger.

“Hundreds of millions spend on making a film and promoting the film, so they have to have a good script. We’re motivated to do something about it; we’re mostly looking forward to knocking on the door.”

Although Statham will not appear in the future Fast and furious 9, the actor later continued to discuss his future with the mainline franchise service and whether he will return to the last two installments.

fast and furious-hobbs-and-shaw-600x333

“I’d like to go back for a couple of movies. It’s a thin ice that I skate if I talk about what happens in the next movies. But I know Justin Lin, I know him really well, and it was fun when I came to take a thumbnail at 6, he never went up to 7 and 8, and I did, so we’re supposed to do something bigger again. It’s great to work with Vin and all the other characters, I’ve made great friends from that movie, and I really love the film’s franchise program. I think it’s a global success for all the right reasons. Being a part of it is just a great privilege. So if they want me next, I’m there. “

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