Jeep says it will have ‘zero-emission’ SUVs in all categories by 2025


Jeep says it will have “zero-emission” SUVs in all of its configurations by 2025, the car brand announced Thursday. In the same year, the company also plans to offer 4xe-expandable hybrid versions of all its vehicles. The news came as part of Jeep’s parent company Stellantis ’electrification strategy event.

This means that the Wrangler, Cherokee and Wagoneer will become electronic versions, among other Jeep models, by 2025. Jeep also unveiled a hybrid version of the luxury Grand Cherokee SUV during the event.

Jeep, an iconic American brand, has been slowly embracing electric car technology compared to its competitors. Today’s announcement is meant to be a course correction that describes the carmaker’s commitment to the electronic future.

At the same time, its sister company Dodge delivered a more confusing message during the same event, which promised never to sell electric cars, but also promised a fully electric muscle car by 2024.

Stellantis is the latest automaker to host the event, which will inform investors about its electrification strategy. Previously, Tesla, Volvoand Volkswagen have produced similar events. As the world’s fourth largest automaker, Stellantis has a global scale to drive car sales – if it wants to.

Earlier this year, Jeep unveiled an electric concept car, Wrangler Magnetobased on the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubico.

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