Jeff Bezos appreciates your efforts to get Jeff Bezos into space


After landing his little jump to the edge of space, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos thanked the people who let him do it. “I want to thank all the Amazon employees and all the Amazon customers for paying for all of this,” he said.

No, actually, he said that.

Going into space had been a dream for Bezos, at least since high school; his alternate speech included a discussion on the establishment of permanent human colonies in space stations, according to Brad Stone’s Everything about trade. His high school girlfriend is also quoted in the book: “The reason he’s earning so much money is to get into space.” In a sense, Amazon was a way for Bezos to achieve the goal. Founded in 2002, Blue Origin was always the thing.

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 when he left the investment services company DE Shaw; Amazon initially operated from its house. The store began with the sale of books, but over time it expanded into almost everything. The company’s first profit came in 2001 during the dot-com collapse. He is now one of the richest men – and sometimes the richest man in the world.

Bezos is known as especially an abrasive leader, giving feedback such as “Are you lazy or incompetent?” “If I hear that idea again, I have to kill myself” and “Why are you wasting my life?” He focused in every way specifically on the Amazon customer experience and was very competitive. When he resigned as CEO earlier this month, Andy Jassy – former head of Amazon Web Services – took office.

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