Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin gets a nod to send him and three others to space and technology news, Firstpost


Cape Canaveral: Jeff Bezos ’rocket company has obtained government consent to launch people into space, including himself.

Amazon founder rises on top of his New Shepard rocket next Tuesday in West Texas with his brother An 82-year-old female aviation pioneer and a $ 28 million auction winner. It’s the first Blue Origin passenger launch that, like Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, plans to start flying with paying customers in the coming months.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an OK on Monday. The permit is good until the end of August.

Founder of Virgin Galactic billionaires on Sunday Richard Branson rode his own rocket plane into space with five company employees. The specially designed aircraft carried the winged ship from above across New Mexico. The spacecraft fell off, fired its rocket engine, and ascended 86 kilometers before slipping onto the runway.

The Blue Origin flight – with an automatic capsule triggered over a reusable booster – should reach a maximum allowable altitude of about 106 miles before parachuting into the desert.

Elon Muskin SpaceX is a merger with Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic in the time of space travelers. But SpaceX is going to send its customers into orbit, not into short up and down hops. Musk is not yet committed to the launch itself.

Bezos, 57, resigned last week as Amazon’s CEO. He founded Blue Origin in 2000.


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