Jenna Ortega starred in Addams on Wednesday in Tim Burton’s live Netflix series


Earlier this year, it was announced that director Tim Burton plans to make his long-awaited television debut in the series World Addams family which will focus on Addams on Wednesday.


By Collision, Jenna Ortega has been given the lead role in a series of eight episodes she has created Smallville duo Al Gough and Miles Millar, who also acted as actors. Ortega rebates include Netflix You, Babysitter: Killer Queen, yes day, and the upcoming fifth installment Yell concession.

Wednesday has been described as a “sinking, supernaturally infused mystery that depicts Wednesday’s Addams years as a Nevermore Academy student.

Burton will make his debut on television and lead production alongside Andrew Mittman 1.21 (Addams family), Jonathan Glickman of Glickmania (Respect), Steve Stark (Mid-range), Kayla Alpert (Code black), Gail Berman (Alphas) and Kevin Miserocchi of Tea and Charles Addams Foundation, and Gough and Millar.



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