Jon Hamm’s Fletch will launch Confess, Fletch again to start filming this month



Attempted to awaken the 80s Fletch franchise service for decades, it was announced last year Jon Hamm had to step into Chevy Chase’s shoes to restart from the comedy-noir character, and now comes the word Confess, Fletch, based on the second book in Gregory Mcdonald’s mystery series, will begin filming in just over two weeks.

Adventureland and Really bad manager Greg Mottola has tweeted surprise news confirming that it was only “2 1/2 weeks outdoors” …

Confess, Fletch LA Times journalist Irwin Morris Fletcher (Hamm) finds several murders in the middle – one of which makes him the main suspect. In an effort to prove his innocence, Fletch’s job is to find his bride’s stolen art collection, the only legacy he has acquired since his father disappeared and is presumed dead.

The journey to reach Fletch Returning to the big screen has seen more twists and turns than source novels. The deadly sequel was followed by years of directing races (Kevin Smith, Bill Lawrence) and star names coming and going (Zach Braff, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee), but now it finally looks like Fletch is going to break in wisely again.


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