Jonathan Majors to fight Michael B.Jordan in Creed III


Adonis Creed may have found its next competitor by the deadline Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft County) is negotiating accession Creed III As Creed’s new striker.


While the deal is likely, it has not yet been completed as MGM and Michael B.Jordan work on the Majors ’busy schedule. She is set to star Anthill and wasp: quantum mania Marvel villain Kang as the Conqueror, Jeymes Samuel’s Western Action Drama The harder they fall and JD Dillard’s Korean War drama Dedication Majors will play Korean War veteran and U.S. pilot Jesse Brown.

After setting Jordan back in his role as Adonis Creed and to make his debut with the director with the film, it seems to be an exciting entry Creed franchising, although it also marks a turning point. Rocky star Sylvester Stallone, who repeated his famous role as Rocky Balboa in the previous two Creed the films he mentored and coached by Adonis, will not return Creed III. It is not known how Rocky’s absence is explained, but the Majors ’challenge leaves Adonis without a mentor and friend next to him.

Except for Lovecraft County, Majors has also appeared in Joe Talbot’s The last black man in San Francisco and Spike Lee Da 5 Verta, in both films he gained a lot of critical acclaim.


Creed III directed by Michael B.Jordan for a screenplay by Zach Baylin and Keenan Coogler, first director’s brother Creed film, Ryan Coogler. In the film, Jordan repeats the role of Adonis Creed alongside returning Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad. It is due to be released on Thanksgiving 2022.

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