Josh Gad and Luke Evans ’Disney + Beauty and the Beast lead is officially on the go


The names of a number of Mouse House reported to its Disney + streaming service, which is Beauty and the Beast was one of the first to rise from the magic state. It has now been officially given the green light for a series of eight episodes starring Josh Gad, Luke Evans and new actress Brianna Middleton.

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By the deadline, Josh Gad and Luke Evans will step up their roles as Gaston and LeFouna on Disney’s $ 1 billion in live live action Beauty and the Beastand associated with Promotional bars Brianna Middleton as LeFoun’s sister-in-law Lilly.

Developed and written by Josh Gad and Once upon a time creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the pre-set is set years before the epic romance of the beast and Belle, and follows Gaston (Evans) and LeFou (Gad) as they leave LeFou’s sister Tilly (Middleton) a surprising revelation of their past comes up and sends an unlikely trio to the unexpected, full of romance, comedy and adventure. While the secrets of the past are revealed and the dangers of the present increase, old friends and new enemies reveal that there are many secrets in this familiar kingdom.

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Jessica Jones and Walking Dead Director Liesl Tommy will direct the first episode, while Alan Menken, who wrote the score for both the 1991 animation classic and the 2017 cut and paste film, will write the soundtrack for the series.

Gary Marsh, CEO and creative director of Disney Branded Television, added that “for anyone who has ever wondered how crude like Gaston and nonsense like LeFou could ever have become friends and partners, or how a mystical enchanter rose above that fatal spell on a prince about the beast, this series finally gives the answers… and raises a whole new set of questions ”.

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