Jungle Cruise earned a third of its opening revenue from Disney Plus


Disney A jungle cruise next night at movie theaters and as a Disney Plus Premier Access title this weekend. by The Hollywood Reporter. On Sunday A jungle cruise the numbers mark the second time Disney has released figures from a movie offered as part of the Premier Access program. Disney Plus subscribers can pay $ 30 to stream certain movies on the same day they arrive at theaters.

A jungle cruise $ 30 million is half $ 60 million Black Widow earned on Disney Plus after the same period in early July, but A jungle cruise Disney Plus revenues accounted for a larger share of the total revenue package than streaming Black widow: A jungle cruise $ 30 million was about 33 percent of its total of $ 91.8 million, while Black widow $ 60 million was about 27 percent totaling $ 218.8 million. Premier Access was also an option In the 2020s Mulan, March Raya and the last dragonand May Cruella, but Disney has not shared chapters for those movies.

New numbers will also arrive in a few days Scarlett Johansson’s big lawsuit against Disney, who claimed that Disney gave up the promise of release Black Widow exclusively in theaters. The lawsuit is perhaps the biggest setback against the direct flow model. Dune manager Denis Villeneuve blew up WarnerMedia in December when the studio announced its release all of its 2021 movies simultaneously on HBO Maxand theaters were also not fans of this movement.

WarnerMedia has already announced plans to release 10 Warner Bros. movie day and day in theaters and streaming services in 2022, Disney has not announced any future Premier Access titles A jungle cruise.

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