Kansas police complain when Apple Watch users accidentally make 911 emergency calls


Kansas police complain when Apple Watch users accidentally make 911 emergency calls

Police in Overland Park, the second most populous city in the state of Kansas, complain about a large number of accidental calls Apple Watch users. The theory is that Apple Watch owners accidentally hit the clock screen or side buttons. These people don’t know they’ve called the cops!
Overland Park Police Captain Jim Sutterby says: “What happens when people move in their sleep or exercise, they get Apple Beware of emergencies. Not knowing it, the clock actually dials 911. “The dispatcher must return calls that end in caller disconnection or silence. Overland Park’s 911 center receives 250 calls per hour, but many calls interfere with emergency centers and use emergency resources.

Captain Sutterby has a suggestion for those who accidentally call 911 using an Apple Watch. Instead of disconnecting the call and refusing to make the call, the Apple Watch user should stop and tell the sender that he or she made the accident.

Industry sources speak Fox Kansas City recommended that Apple Watch users wear a protective case that makes it difficult to accidentally press Apple Watch buttons, although the SOS feature can also be disabled using the Apple iPhone Watch app. Apple itself is not happy with the idea of ​​disabling the emergency 911 feature because it has managed to be useful in life-threatening situations.

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