Kitchen Handles, Choose The Perfect Handle

The choice of handles or an opening system for drawers and kitchen cabinets can be difficult due to the amount of variety that we have and for this reason, today we will explain the advantages of each type of opening and thus you will be able to select the most suitable for you.

To consider before choosing

  1. The size of the kitchen and therefore the size of the furniture. A very small handle may not look good on very large furniture. The same goes for large kitchen cupboard handles on small furniture. Therefore, the dimensions should always guide you when choosing the most suitable.
  2. The current fashion in shooters. Minimalist kitchens almost completely do without handles. However, in addition to fashion, you must decide what style you prefer and what is going to be most comfortable for you on a daily basis.
  3. Ease of cleaning. Before choosing, think that the kitchen furniture gets very dirty. Even if there is a kitchen handle that drives you crazy, it may not be the best idea to opt for it. Take into account if it is easy to maintain, if it has too many nooks and crannies or if it is excessively small.

Types of kitchen handles in Decoranddecor

There are mainly types of kitchen cupboard handles that are used in the furniture and doors.

Push and pull systems

Through this hinged door opening system, you can mount the doors of your cabinets without handles on the front. Just by pressing lightly on the door, the system is activated and the door opens.

It’s ideal when your hands are full or dirty. This system will open the door as if by magic when you lightly touch the door with your elbow.

Gola system (hidden shooter)

The most minimalist kitchen designs usually opt for this system. This modality is based on the use of aluminum profiles attached to the drawer or furniture.  In this way we leave just enough space to pull, without it being necessary to make any changes to the edges.

In other words, it is a system that avoids putting a shooter. It allows you to dispense with this element if it does not fit aesthetically in your kitchen. It should also be noted that it is somewhat more expensive than the rest of the systems.

The aluminum gola (throat) system is the minimalist design trend par excellence. It is an aluminum profile fixed to the furniture. This leaves enough space to pull the door or drawer, without any modification to the edges.

Fingernail system

The handle is embedded in the edge of the door or piece of furniture or in the front. One of the advantages of claw kitchen cupboard handles is that they allow the use of kitchen furniture of standard dimensions. This differs from the gola system which cannot be used with standard furniture.

It is a system similar to the goal without a shooter. The only difference is that this one does have that little handle with a hole for us to open the cabinet “with our fingernail”.

Handle pulls

The current ranges of handle handles provide a wide variety of shapes and models. They are the ones used in furniture and kitchens with a more traditional design. They consist of placing a small handle on the drawers, furniture or on the door to pull it.

The most common are usually straight and medium in size, although here the options multiply and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose.

Doors with 30º cut

The edges of the doors with the cut at 30° makes the same door become a handle without the need to add anything else, the handle will be found together with the door. It could be considered a “fingernail” type opening but it recreates a much more elegant finish in the furniture finish.

Handles embedded in the door itself

In wooden doors or lacquered doors you can incorporate a handle within the shape of the door, there are many possibilities such as the “Cover-Up” handle in extruded aluminum or the doors with a “Step” profile. This option can be chosen for many types of finishes: from lacquered doors to laminated doors.

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