Know How businesses should act according to consumer Law

The Australian government introduces consumer laws for all Australian businesses to protect innocent consumers. Online as well as offline businesses will be covered under this law. Various fraud cases had been registered in the past that forced the government to introduce consumer law. Basically, countries’ GDP has been dependent on consumers. If people consume more GDP of the country will boost.

A country’s GDP may drop if people avoid shopping because of business fraud. Businesses should understand this law and try not to act smart to con consumers. They should make sure to avoid any illegitimate malpractices for better profit margins.

As a Business Owner – What do you need to know 

– Take a quick review of your business and ensure it complies with Australian consumer law.

– Review contract clauses before you offer goods to your buyer or end user.

– If you are into direct selling business, Make sure you comply with all the Australian Consumer Laws.

– Businesses should be aware of the importance of consumer law and its regulatory bodies to address consumer complaints.

What Consumer Law Covers?

– Unfair trade practice clause is introduced in standard form.

– Statutory consumer guarantees replace the current system of implied conditions and warranties.

– lay-by agreements rule introduces.

– Existing product safety provisions in the Trade Practices Act were replaced with the new national product safety law.

Consumer Guarantees

– Australian consumer law introduces consumer guarantees for consumers who buy a product from importers, manufacturers or suppliers. These new guarantees include comprehensive rights that apply to defective goods and services.

Consumer Guarantees for Goods 

– In this, Suppliers are free to sell the goods.

– Goods should be of high quality.

– The goods are of the same quality or shape as shown during the demo.

– Repair facility should be available for a fixed time.

The basic purpose of replacing existing laws with new law is to make them simple so that it is easily understandable to businesses. Just to conclude, No significant changes have been introduced to the consumer guarantees for goods. Just the Acceptable quality clause replaces the merchant quality clause.

A Consumer guarantees contract is considered a breach of contract if certain conditions are triggered –

– Not fulfil the purpose for which the product is developed.

– Having defects.

– Not Safe.

Consumer Guarantees for Services

Consumer law introduced separate consumer guarantees law for services. All Australian Service Providers should follow this –

– Service providers should make sure consumer should get the exact benefit of the services for which they have applied for

Why Choose Commercial Lawyers Perth?

Sometimes it becomes difficult for businesses to follow every law. Businesses are bound to follow consumer Law. There will be harsh consequences for going against the law. At Commercial Lawyers Perth, We will guide you to follow the rule with a tweak. So, that business will not be hampered because of the legal compilation.

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