Know What Your Breasts Say About Your Wellbeing

Your breasts say a lot about what is happening inside your body. Use the below-mentioned signs to learn what your breasts are trying to tell you. Contact a medical professional if you are suspicious something is up.

A note for the hypochondriacs who are worried about breast cancer – generally speaking, symmetry is great, but only changes beyond your normal cycle cause concern.

Your breasts are growing

  • You are gaining weight –After puberty, your breasts start growing since the rest of you gets bigger. Weight gain happens for several reasons. You may be exercising less, eating more, skimping on sleep, or stressing out.
  • You got your period, are pregnant, or started a birth control –Hormonal modifications trigger the breast growth spurt. You do not have to worry as long as the breasts are doing the same thing.

Your breasts are shrinking

  • You are losing weight –As your breasts are made of fatty tissues, breast bulk is the first thing to go when your weight loss efforts start working. According to the bestĀ cosmetic surgeon Chevy Chase, you must contact a healthcare provider if you are shedding pounds and cup sizes without doing much.
  • Your cycle started –What goes up, such as the cup size, needs to come down. If your breasts swell on the first day of your period, they will shrink once the period is over and the hormones relax.

You have irritation under your breasts

  • You may be allergic to something –You may be allergic to the underwire in the bra, which is usually manufactured from nickel. This is a common irritant. Or it could be an itchy sweater or soap residue. Treat the rash with a hydrocortisone cream immediately. If it does not go away after a week, talk to a doctor.
  • Your bra is dirty –Wearing the same bra for a long time can irritate your breasts. It can cause fungal and bacterial infections, especially when you tend to sweat under the breasts.

Your nipples are dark

  • You are breastfeeding –Breastfeeding causes several changes, including dark nipples. According to studies, the areolas darken so that the newborn can latch onto the breasts easily. Hormonal changes that allow milk production can also change the color of the nipples.
  • You are taking oral contraceptives –Birth control pills can impact the body in the same way as hormonal changes. They cause the area around the nipples to become dark. This must clear up once you stop taking the pill. Some oral contraceptives have melasma, causing brown or grey pigmented patches to form.

Your breasts are of different size

  • You have breast hypertrophy –One of the most common causes of asymmetrical breasts is juvenile hypertrophy. Although rare, it causes one breast to grow substantially larger than the other. It can be fixed with surgery. Most women opt forĀ breast augmentation Fairfax VA.

Not all breast changes mean something serious. But make sure to keep a lookout. If you feel you are suffering from a chronic disease or for ruling out the possibility of cancer, please talk to your doctor.

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