Know Why It’s Important To Celebrate Father’s Day!!

International Father’s day is a tribute to all the dads across the globe while sharing the splendid bond and adoring great times together. Let us understand the history and the significance of celebrating Father’s day.

Usually, people celebrate international Father’s day on the third Sunday of June. We celebrate Father’s day to recognize the love and efforts that all the dads put in to make their children happy. Be it the hard work they do or the sacrifices they make to fulfill their child’s dreams. 

Little Background – Why Father’s Day Is Celebrated

History says that Sonora Smart Dodd from the United States of America was the one who proposed the idea of celebrating Father’s day. Her dad, a civil war veteran William Jackson Smart raised his daughter Sonora with her five siblings with a lot of love and dedication. The world’s first Father’s day was celebrated on June 19th, 1910, and later in 1972, US President Richard Nixon declared this event a national holiday.

Best Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate this occasion where the only goal is to make your dad feel extremely special. However, it should not be for this day only. All children should think of every day as Father’s day. Below are some of the best ways you can follow to make this Father’s day special.

  1. Go out with your dad on camping or picnics-

We assure you that many kids take their dads on campings or picnics to some of the best locations that you can find through various search engines. Look out for some of the best picnic destinations nearby your area, make a checklist of the items you would like to carry while traveling, and you’re good to go! If your dad is a fan of games like football, cricket, golf, and more, do not hesitate to carry the sports kit with you. Playing games during camping or picnics will surely double the joy.

  1. Surprise with amazing Father’s day gifts

There are many online stores available to buy Father’s day gifts online. It’s only you who knows about the likes and dislikes of your dad, so try to gift something that would make him feel loved. If you have a beautiful picture of him, go ahead and customize a photo frame. If he likes farming plants or gardening, do not hesitate to gift some flowers or plants for him. There is another thing which can’t go wrong – A Cake! There is hardly any occasion where people do not prefer to cut a delicious cake. Thus, make way for some of the best flavorful cakes this Father’s day and put some smiles across your dad’s face. You can consider gifting portals for online cake delivery if you’re planning a surprise.

  1. Take him out shopping or for dinner –

Make him feel treasured by taking him out shopping and buying him what he likes. Remember that this day comes only once a year so try to save some money from your savings. It doesn’t matter how expensive things you can buy for him. The only thing that will make him feel proud is when he will see you putting effort. You can buy anything from a regular shirt of his choice or an expensive suit. Take him either to a small restaurant or a lavish hotel. It doesn’t matter! Go ahead and spare some time from your schedule and celebrate this Father’s day to make him feel proud.

  1. Watch your dad’s favorite movie together –

We all know that most of us have a favorite childhood movie that we can watch at any age. Ask your dad about his favorite childhood movie and watch it sitting next to him. Ask him if he remembers anything from his favorite movie and enjoys the conversations together. Feel free to grab some snacks and drinks before the movie starts. We assure you that this little experience will make his day special. 

  1. Pull out the family photo album –

One of the best things you can do with your dad on Father’s day is sit with him and chat for hours. One of the best ways to start a conversation is to pull out a family photo album and ask him about the events when the pictures were taken and learn more about the people in the photos. He would definitely feel connected with you and would be happy to share some of his best memories with you. Thus, make this Father’s day exceptional and thank your dad for always taking care of you and your family.

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