Krispy Kreme sells Xbox donuts


Krispy Kreme has created an Xbox monk. The fluffy donut is a marketing partnership with Microsoft to celebrate 20 years of the Xbox, and will be sold in Krispy Kreme stores, cabinets and online throughout the UK and Ireland from August 2-22.

Monks aren’t equipped with processors, graphics processors, or SSDs, but you might be able to beat this type of hardware in the form of an Xbox Series S. As part of this marketing campaign, Krispy Kreme will also be giving away Microsoft’s latest mini Xbox. You have to buy a dozen new Xbox donuts to win a console, and Krispy Kreme includes a month’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with every dozen.

The donut itself is called the Nexus layer, and it’s immersed in freezing and decorated with Xbox Nexus design. The price of one monk is £ 2.10 (almost $ 3), or a dozen are available for £ 14.45 (about $ 20).

Krispy Kreme has even created a playful marketing video featuring a creative director named Kristina Kareem and a quality assurance guru named Xavier Boxell. I believe that.

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