Leak shows that a paid version of Twitter is coming; “Twitter Blue” costs $ 2.99 per month


Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) has tweeted about frequent UI changes and upcoming updates to this game. But today, his tweet tells of an upcoming new service that Twitter is known to have worked with so that he really becomes a “Twitter tipster”. Today, Jane has noticed that Twitter is going to offer a subscription version of a social media app called Twitter Blue.

Yes, it sounds like shampoo, but Twitter Blue is priced at $ 2.99 a month. Wong adds that Twitter could offer different levels of service with those who want more expensive levels that get additional features. Of the new features we expect to find on the Twitter Blue page, there is a “Undo Post” button that works with the timer.

As Wong revealed in a tweet released in March with the “Undo Post” feature, the user spreads the tweet the old-fashioned way. After tapping the “Tweet” button, the user has a short period of time during which the message can be invoked. Frankly, for Twitter users, the ability to edit tweets may be a more popular move.

Another feature is called Collections, which “store and organize your favorite tweets into collections to make them easier to find later.” And Twitter users can share their collections with others.

It is currently unclear whether these additional features will provide Twitter users with sufficient incentives to reach their wallets and purses.