Legal Way To take Discussion on Khula Pakistan Family Law (2022)

Discussion on Khula Pakistan Family Law:

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Treason Against the People:

This amounts to treason against the people whose rights are usurped by illegal and unfair means and against the Creator, Who has entrusted the Muslims to rule on this earth on His behalf and has prescribed the procedure to be followed by the assembly for exercising those powers. The principles that it can infer from the preceding discussion are: A free and independent choice should elect the government’s executive head and the assembly members.

Spoke Person:

The people and their spokesperson should have the right to condemn and freely express their opinions regarding the State’s affairs. It should bring the country’s actual conditions before the people without repressing any fact so that they may form their point of view about whether the government is working correctly or not. After this general discussion on khula Pakistan family law and the method of nikah in Pakistan, I shall examine each government’s organ separately and undertake a comparative study between the Islamic norms and modern secular practice.

Executive As already mentioned, in an Islamic State, sovereignty belongs to Allah, and the same is exercised by the people as a sacred trust through the chosen representatives of the people by the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance, and social justice as enunciated by Islam and set out in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Method of Nikah in Pakistan:

Islam regarding khula Pakistan family law and method of nikah in Pakistan also guarantees the rights of the minorities to practice their religions and develop their cultures. As such, the executive’s real purpose in an Islamic State is to enforce God’s Ordinances as reflected in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. The executive powers must be clearly defined in the constitutions.

Form of Government:

They may vary according to the nature and the form of government- whether presidential or parliamentary- but always keeping in view the objectives for which the governments are established in an Islamic State. Hereditary monarchy is not favored by Islam, being against the basic concept of a representative government. I cannot discuss the various forms of governments in detail, which fall outside the present treatise’s scope. However, I shall refer to their essential elements for clarification whenever necessary. It is evident from the earlier discussion that in an Islamic State, all individuals are equal. However, there must be a ruler to lead and compel obedience to the law as in all societies.

Khula Pakistani Law:

The leadership can only be held by one at any given time regarding khula Pakistan family law and the method of nikah in Pakistan. During his lifetime, the Prophet (PBUH) enjoyed all powers of the executive authority of the State, the legislature, and the judiciary.

State Enacted Laws:

He ruled the State, enacted laws, and decided cases. This supreme authority was conferred on him by God, who stated in the Quran: “O ye who believe! Obey God, and obey the Apostle–“. Muhammad (PBUH) was accepted as the Prophet (PBUH) by the Ummah, and, as such, He believed him to be the spokesman of God. After the Prophet’s death, his Companions met in Medina and agreed on having a ruler. The source for the caliphate’s institution or a ruler is the Quran itself.


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