LEGO Builder’s Journey is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this month


LEGO Group and Light Brick have announced their release The journey of LEGO Builder On Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on June 22nd. This wordless puzzle adventure offers endless opportunities for creative gaming, not to mention that it looks absolutely beautiful. See how beautiful it looks to you from the new trailer below.


The journey of LEGO Builder follows the heart-warming story of father and son as they embark on a journey through the beautifully artistic LEGO world. Players solve puzzles by moving LEGO blocks to help father and son on their journey while listening to relaxing, meditative music.

“When we released The journey of LEGO Builder In 2019, it quickly became a fan favorite among LEGO fans and the larger gaming community, ”said Karsten Lund, Creative Director / Studio Director of Light Brick Studio. “We are excited to introduce the game to a whole new audience playing on PC and Switch. We look forward to the reactions of gaming communities on these platforms, and we already have plans to expand to other console platforms later this summer. “

Screenshot - 49-600x338

Screenshot - 71-600x338

The PC version of the game features significant graphical updates, including beam-tracking ambient blockage, global lighting, reflections and shadows, while the Switch version allows players to enjoy this heart-warming adventure at home or on the road.

Help father and son on their journey The journey of LEGO Builder June 22 on PC and Switch.

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