LG shutting down its smartphone department to focus elsewhere

LG is leaving the smartphone business. The Korean Giants griefed as it is finally shutting down its smartphone division. LG now looks to add more resources in areas like electric vehicles, components, smart homes, business-to-business solutions, etc.

The Korean giants developed some odd and interesting smartphones catching everybody’s eyes in the industry. The LG Wing, LG G8X, LG G5 are impressive smartphone designs that we all have seen. But these smartphones usually don’t feature the top-of-the-line processor, camera, or downright doesn’t make any sense.

The smartphone industry has tons of competition, with OnePlus, Apple, Samsung leading the pack with Xiaomi, Vivo following behind. The competition has strengthened so much that everyone has standardized smartphone requirements. But LG went ahead, releasing some unique smartphone designs like the LG Wing to impress the audience. But that doesn’t have a real-world use case.

LG Wing smartphones

Don’t get us wrong, the rotatable screen of the LG Wing is impressive, but consumers usually as now shifting towards high refresh rate displays. A bold attempt by LG that will go unnoticed in the average consumer market. LG has been struggling on the affordable sections as well. The fierce competition from the Chinese brands did affect LG and its sales.

LG was hinting to leave the smartphone industry at the start of the year. A company spokesperson reported the company’s exit from the smartphone business as a false rumor. Officials reported LG to downside the smartphone business and lower its sale targets. But after facing huge losses on the smartphone segment, LG made a cold statement shutting down its smartphone division.

LG was set to release its long-teased rollable phone. The rollable smartphone was first teased in CES 2021, where LG confirmed the device was real and would launch this year. Now, it is pretty unlikely that the product will be released.


As for now, LG will provide software support for all the released smartphones for a limited time. The regular updates might differ according to the region, and some regions might not even receive regular updates.

Nokia had passed down its mantle to HMD in 2016. The company still makes smartphone devices under the same name. LG might even make a comeback to the smartphone department looking at the situation. But that is for the far-fetched future.

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