LG’s roll-away OLED TV is finally coming to the U.S. for an amazing $ 100,000

LG’s futuristic scrollable OLED 4K TV comes to the US at a striking price of $ 100,000. First presented as a stunning prototype at CES 2018 (and then turned into a real product the following year), the 65-inch series may turn itself up and then back down to disappear completely into its housing.

This cabinet also includes a front-burning Dolby Atmos sound system. The OLED R has a middle space between full opening and scrolling. LG calls this line view, and you can use it to display the clock, photos, music controls, and so on.

This is how the back of the OLED R looks down.
GIF: Raja

In terms of image quality, the OLED R has already technically surpassed newer LG models; the more traditional G1 series introduced earlier this year may be brighter than any of the company’s previous OLED models, including the rollable. But the OLED R panel still checks all the boxes you want on a modern TV: it has Dolby Vision, 120Hz 4K gaming, variable refresh rate, automatic low-delay mode, and more. And as I hope for $ 100,000, all four of its HDMI ports are HDMI 2.1.

But if you make that kind of money on TV, you’re in it more than anything else. OLED R is rated for 50,000 detachments, which should give you many years of time to blow the mind of every visitor to any of your mansions where you put it.

LG says pre-orders will open for OLED R in August, but I already see an “add to cart” button in the company’s trade. For the absurdly rich there, it must be a hard call between this and that Samsung 110-inch MicroLED TV.

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