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Tom Jolliffe on Liam Neeson’s enduring attraction as an action hero…


The mere presence and charismatic Irish lure of a particular Liam Neeson has long awakened the audience. He complicated as an artist for several years before he eventually became my critical darling Schindler’s list, and her long stature, rugged appearance, and charm also made her popular with female audiences with such films Rob Roy. Neeson had not known his actions. He had a cult culture Dark man, Sam Raim’s enjoyable Gonzo comic book (it wasn’t really a comic book). Above-mentioned Rob Roy of course also, and a series of parts from the 80s that required him to demonstrate his physical ability. In addition to Neeson being tall at 6ft4 and stably set, in his younger days he had a number of grafting, masculine jobs (as well as more intellectual work such as teaching), including an amateur boxer.

In 2008, Neeson was still a relatively popular character in movies. He has long been accepted by American audiences and accepted as an ordinary big screen. Assumed, Produced by Luc Besson, Neeson saw a project that read on paper like a mill run. In fact, it was the kind of movie you’ve been able to see from Seagal or Lundgren at the time (or indeed with their bounces). Neeson’s paper felt like both places, but also a deceptively perfect choice. The action movie theater had used the path of well-grounded action movies, and a long association of “actors” actors, which could snobbishly dismiss the “action expert.” The idea that a muscle-bound action specialist may not be the most emotionally talented is a kind of delusion (as shown by Stallone receiving Oscar nods or Lundgren and Van Damme gaining popularity Creed II and JCVD respectively). Nonetheless, Neeson, even well into his 50s, was placed in a number action vehicle. Unscrupulous traffickers kidnap Bryan Mills ’daughter in Paris. Mills, a former special force in Badass, uses his special skills to get him back. The film was almost on the verge of hitting video shelves, and with a modest budget, it wouldn’t have been too surprising.


Assumed hit, and it struck in a way that was completely unexpected. I looked at advanced screening, about 6 months before release. It was free screening, I liked Neeson in general and had to see him here. Assumed is great (at such a good pace when his mission is also underway). It’s great because it has so many bad elements (the 20-minute opening is ridiculously crushed. Daughter and ex-wife written as ridiculous and expressive caricatures of action clichés). Still, Neeson does what he has to assume, Besson and director Pierre Morel wanted … he justifies it, makes it convincing, and offers a certain gravity that comes from an Oscar-nominated actor. Neeson sells the key to the film for a moment. You know … SELEINEN’s call (reminiscent relentlessly in the intervening years). In addition, he was convincing as a badass. The combat sequences of the fierce shooting and cutting have updated little (well following Bourne’s formula, which everyone aped in time). However, at least for this film, there is enough visceral energy, and Neeson is involved in most of it to be convincing (and they sent interest through the roof of Krav Maga). So an unexpected hit, a pop culture phenomenon and two progressively worse sequels.


It was then that it happened that Neeson’s appeal as an action specialist flourished. Since Assumed, Neeson has mixed general action thrillers (all more or less in it Assumed) also with a few high-concept voltages. In fact, those high-concept movies like it Unknown, Non-stop and Business traveler, all directed by Jaume Collett-Serra, were especially enjoyable at how complicated and silly they were. They hit the stupidity and illogical intrigue that has found many other films, but somehow works with Serra and Neeson. There is always a carpet pulling the thread of the third sample. Like Fincher’s similar Gonzo, but fine, Game, what it lacks in mind, it replaces style and a sincere hero. Neeson kind of repeats. In these mystery films, he is a somewhat grounded character, thrown into a complex mystery. These or even most Neeson players always have some sort of phone call. There is not much subtlety in them sailing in the wave that began Assumed, and even though it’s calmed down, it still goes fast enough to keep you on the board.

From a large amount of mail Assumed Action films made by Neeson, one of which is very underrated Gray. It was met with a solid critique of the genre, and a particularly stunning performance from Neeson (as well as a touch of ambiguity with a stunning ending). It had a dramatic neck and Neeson had a three-dimensional figure. Art also mimicked life to some extent. The film, which depicts a character from Neeson who was unable to cope with his wife’s death, tragically reflected on Neeson’s own life, long after his wife Natasha Richardson had died prematurely. There’s pain in the characters ’eyes, and you’re sure to imagine that Neeson’s own pain is reflected through. I knew that movie, and it (and indeed Neeson’s performance) doesn’t get enough credit.

Honest thief-signature-entertainment-3-1-600x342

More straightforward action movies like Run all night, Cold chase, An honest thief and Walking among the tombstones are all imperceptibly but surely solid. They are almost interchangeable, but consistent is how Neeson’s increasingly curious presence sells a routine style ticket. Ultimately, in a genre now often associated with critical and commercial failures (unless you’re Marvel et al.), There’s a safe bar that Neeson hits more or less. They are not as good as rare brilliant ones (such as John Wick) and not as bad as some shokers who have (ironically) been released in a more regular position Assumed. We’ve seen several stars try to do that Assumedlet it be Sean Penn in Gunneror a large number of female leadership positions, such as Ava, Peppermint or Intercept who didn’t have the same sure hand (but at least the strong performers raised it).

These films are very direct to video footage, but Neeson retains the appeal to draw the audience to the big screen. How long yet, who knows? Nicolas Cage and John Travolta go through similar genre work, but are sent almost exclusively to the home premiere market. Neeson is still in the broader market. The landscape of the Covid screen may have changed and may take Neeson’s place with him. However, if it is not broken, do not repair it. I’ve been a long-time fan of action, and the originality is now a dead duck. The hero always takes the villain. So it’s written, so it’s going to be. Still, when Neeson is on board, he always has something comforting in getting his job done.

Tom Jolliffe is an award-winning screenwriter and passionate kinefile. He has several films on DVD / VOD around the world and several releases to be released in 2021, including Renegades (Lee Majors, Danny Trejo, Michael Pare, Tiny Lister, Ian Ogilvy and Billy Murray), Crackdown, When Darkness Falls and World War II: attack (Vincent Regan). You can find more information on the best personal site you will ever see …

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