Link Tank: Fast and Furious Movies to Screen in Theaters for Free Ahead of F9

“In the window between teendom and adulthood, a quiet change unfolds. One by one, opportunities for physical activity drop away — whether it’s the PE class no longer required, the school sports team given up, or simply unstructured time averted toward new responsibilities.”

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This past Sunday was the biggest night of the year in Hollywood: the 2021 Oscars. Check out some of the best and wildest moments from last night.

“It was an unconventional Oscars, to say the least. It happened two months later than normal, the red carpet was more like a cocktail party, there was no host, and the crowd, gathering in LA’s Union Station, was limited to the presenters, nominees and their guests. Instead of clips from the nominated performances, presenters gave heartfelt introductions of each actor and their work.”

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A team of very confused but determined beavers took down the internet in Canada over the weekend.

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