Local and anonymous social media app Yik Yak is back


Yik Jak an anonymous, local social media app that only shows messages from nearby people returned from the grave with new ownership after closing four years ago.

According to the website relaunched by the app, Yik Yak’s new incarnation acquired service development rights in February 2021 with the goal of providing a local social media network that doesn’t include “stickers” that dominate communications on other platforms.

The new app is reminiscent of the original Yik Yak version from 2014: users can send and comment on short text messages that can only be viewed within a five-mile radius. Like Reddit, messages can be voted on and counted, and a separate “hot” feed compiles the best message from the last 24 hours.

Originally released in late 2013, the app was a flash-in-the-pan success (especially on college campuses) for most of 2014, when investors estimated it at $ 400 million. But while anonymity made it popular with students, Yik Yak was also full of bullying and harassment. In early 2016, in an effort to get things back on track Yik Yak added optional social media handles, which were made mandatory in August effectively removing the service from the unique. Yik Yak’s original incarnation ended in termination in early 2017 when it was sold for $ 1 million to Square because of its engineering and intellectual property rights.

However, the new Yik Yak seems to take a serious attitude towards bullying and harassment on its platform – something that the app’s original incarnation didn’t do. The new owners have published an extensive list of it “Community guardrails, ”Which includes a ban on the sharing of personal information,“ anything that can be considered bullying, exploitation, defamation, harassment, persecution, or targeted anger or public humiliation, ”and much more.

The company also points out that bullying, hate speech, threats or other violations of community guardrails or terms of service can result in an immediate gate ban. And messages that receive a total score of -5 will also be hidden from view so that no negative or harmful content is present.

The new Yik Yak is currently only available for download to iOS for U.S.-based users, but developers promise to expand to more countries and devices soon.

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