Looseness allows you to list pronouns directly under your job title


Slack now introduces a new field for profiles that allows you to list pronouns directly under your name and job title. Once completed, pronouns appear both in the mini-profiles you see when you click on someone’s name and in the entire profile.

Note that your Slack profile may already have a pronoun field if your administrator has created a custom field for your company’s employees. (When I went to check Edge Loose, I found we already had one.) Slack says administrators can continue to use that custom field or decide to introduce a new one, although the new separate pronoun field has the advantage of being more visible on your profile.

This is how the pronouns appear in Slack.
Photo: loose

However, this new field is hidden by default – Slack administrators must compile it for everyone in the Slack workspace. If you are an administrator and want to do so, here is Slack’s quick guide.

Slack is associated with a few other applications so people can add pronouns to profiles, such as Instagram (who just got them last week), OkCupidand Lyft.


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