Lucasfilm hires YouTube deep maker who disgraced Luke, Leia and Tarkin cameras


I watched again recently Rogue One: The Star Wars story. It lasted for the most part – with the exception of Lucasfilm’s attempt to bring Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia and Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tark back to the big screen with the help of CGI. It’s something that just hurt me in the slightest bit the first time I watched it.

But Lucasfilm’s industrial light and magic may now be able to make these films a little more future-proof as it hired YouTube, which specializes in immersion in Star Wars and other high-budget films, showcasing its CGI aging techniques. Shamook is the one who “fixed” Luke Skywalker’s stump Mandalorian 1.9 million videosand its improvements Rogue OneThe most accurate are phenomenal:

Peter Cushing was certainly thin in the role, but he no longer looks very degenerate.

Instead of ordering YouTube to post content or post terminations, IndieWire now reports Lucasfilm decided to hire Shamook to do what they apparently love. “[Industrial Light and Magic is] Always looking for talented artists and have actually hired an artist to pass the online personality ” Shamook ”, a Lucasfilm spokesman said. IndieWire (through CNET). “In recent years, ILM has invested in both machine learning and artificial intelligence as a means to produce compelling visual effects, and it has been great to see building momentum in this space as technology advances.”

In YouTube comments in a recent video, Shamook says their new name is “Senior Facial Capture Artist.”

I’m not sure Shamook’s results are always better than the original; many still have that obscure, masculine quality that is still common to many profound counterfeits today, and they don’t benefit from all the CG lighting work that clearly went into Disney’s modern movies and performances. But maybe by combining ideas, they can reach new heights.

Shamook also tends to swap stars as is well known by placing Harrison Ford in Solo: The Star Wars story.

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