Lyft Pink gets new bikeshare benefits and a cheaper annual plan


Lyft adds momentum $ 19.99 per month Lyft Pink membership program with new bike share benefits and an annual option that is cheaper than paying for the service on a monthly basis, the company announced Thursday.

Lyft Pink’s primary benefit is a 15 percent discount on car rides, but in the past it also offered three free 30-minute bike or scooter trips per month (in certain markets). Thanks to the new bike-sharing benefits, you get an unlimited number of 45-minute bike rides on “classic” (i.e., non-electric) bikes on many of the company’s bike-sharing systems across the United States, as well as discounted prices on e-bike tours.

Lyft Pink’s new annual option costs $ 199 a year, which is a $ 40 discount on the monthly fee. If you use Lyft regularly throughout the year and enjoy other benefits of Lyft Pink, such as priority airport transfers and three canceled cancellation fees per month (if you make a booking within 15 minutes), an annual option could be a great way to save a little money.

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