Maggie Q, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson star in The Protege trailer


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Lionsgate Releases Announcement and Trailer Director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) for Upcoming Action Thriller Protege Where Maggie Q is a skilled assassin who vows revenge against those responsible for the brutal murder of the legendary assassin who aroused her. The film also features Samuel L.Jackson, Michael Keaton and Robert Patrick; take a look here …








Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody (Samuel L.Jackson) and educated in a family business, Anna (Maggie Q) is the most skilled assassin in the world. But when Moody — a man who was like a father to him and taught him everything he needs to know about trust and survival — is brutally killed, Anna vows revenge. When he becomes entangled in an enigmatic killer (Michael Keaton) whose attraction to him goes far beyond that of a cat and a mouse, their confrontation becomes deadly and the loose ends of the life spent killing weave themselves even tighter.

Protege is scheduled to arrive in movie theaters on August 20th.


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