Maid of Sker arrives on Xbox Series X / S and PS5 next week alongside a free backbone upgrade


Wales Interactive has reported their annoying survival horror game, Neito Sker, will be available on Xbox Series X / S and Playstation 5 on May 26th. In addition to this, the developers are also releasing a free update that includes a wealth of new content, including first-person challenge modes. See the new space in the trailer below …

The new first-person Challenge modes introduce a whole new kind of game mechanics and a host of enemies from the Sker Hotel. There are six enemies in these challenges, both new and familiar, but they all have their own unique powerful abilities. There will be 4 Challenges, Long Night, Ax of Kindness, Nightmare in Hotel and Darkness, and each offering a range of different weapons, including a Dump Ax, .357 Magnum, a sawn-barreled shotgun and a bolt-powered infantry rifle. Players also have the opportunity to earn 10 new achievements / prizes.

The update also brings a wealth of technical improvements to the new consoles, which include:

PlayStation 5

  • FPS challenge modes
  • 4K 30 FPS and 1440p 60 FPS modes (Fidelity / Performance)
  • DualSense haptic feedback. Better steps, shots, collisions, healing, etc.
  • DualSense applications. Used in a variety of weapons, including sound modulators.
  • There are different strengths, how hard it is when it releases, etc.
  • Better texture accuracy
  • Faster download time. 1s on PS5, was 10-15 seconds on PS4 and 3-4s on PS5 backwards compatible

Xbox Series X | S

  • FPS challenge modes
  • XSX – 4K 30 FPS and 1440p 60 FPS modes (Fidelity / Performance)
    XSS – 1080p 30 frames per second
  • Better texture accuracy
  • Faster download time

Xbox X / S and PS5 versions and a free upgrade will arrive on May 26th.