Maintaining safety with VDI in the era of hybrid work


Telecommuting, at least in part, is here to stay. Companies in many sectors choose to include telework in their long-term plans, leading many employees to follow a balanced model between home and home. office in the coming years. The reports of the organizations are displayed productivity With a 47% increase during the first closure in 2020, it is no surprise to find that teleworking is not a measure left behind at the start of the normal post-pandemic roadmap.

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Roger Waterhouse is Cloud & Hosting Product Manager Pulsating.

Businesses are undoubtedly enthusiastic about the ability to attract and retain the best talent outside their traditional catchment area, as well as benefit from lower overhead costs by repairing or reducing office space, supporting telecommuting with the right solutions to perform tasks effectively in remote locations offers a unique set of challenges IT management teams.


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