Mandaloria’s 2nd season series were unveiled before the August release


LEGO has unveiled three new series that have inspired the hit Disney + season second Star Wars series, Mandalorian which will go on sale on August 1 and include the Imperial Armored Marauder, the Boba Fett Starship and the Imperial Light Cruiser; check out the promotional pictures below …

Imperial Armored Marauder (75311)






Star Wars: Mandalorian fans can play fast-paced battles between Greef Karga and Stormtroopers on this LEGO® brick model of Imperial Armored Marauder (75311) from Season 2.

• Includes 4 LEGO® mini-characters: Greef Karga with a detonation pistol, 2 Stormtroopers with detonators and a new August 2021 artillery storm opener with a mortar gun and backpack.

• The Marauder model under construction has 4 pin shooters, two of which have a rotating rear end, 2 foldable explosive cannons (no shooting), a cab for the LEGO® miniature, and a cabin for two LEGO miniatures.

• This LEGO® Star Wars ™ vehicle also has a visual observation point (with a hatch that opens) for a miniature and openable shooting ranges to inspire creative play.

• Awesome for building alone and playing or sharing fun with others, this construction toy makes the best birthday gift, holiday gift or special surprise for creative kids who are 8 years old.

• Imperial Armored Marauder is over 8 cm high, 19 cm long and 10 cm wide and makes an eye-catching display between game times.

Boba Fett’s Starship (75312)






LEGO-Star Wars-Boba-Fetts-Starship-75312-4-600x338

Re-create Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 battle scenes and play your own reward hunting missions with this great LEGO® brick version of Boba Fett’s Star Ship (75312).

• Includes 2 LEGO® mini-characters: Boba Fett with blaster and The Mandalorian Blaster rifle and Beskar spear, and a carbonite brick for added creative gameplay.

• The starship has a handle for easy flying, an opening LEGO® miniature cabin, rotating wings, 2 pin shooters, 2 rotating double cannons (no shooting) and a tray for carbonite bricks.

• Also includes a transport vehicle to move the starship to the ground in game scenarios; this is also a great display stand for builders who can present their creations in an upright position.

• The starship is over 8 cm high, 20 cm long and 20 cm wide and makes an impressive center.

Imperial light cruiser (75315)







Star Wars: Mandalorian fans can create seasonal battles against epic heroes from Season 2 with the Imperial Light Cruiser’s first-ever LEGO® brick-built model (75315).

• Includes 5 LEGO® mini-characters: Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon and the new August 2021 Dark Trooper, as well as a LEGO figure from a child (Grogu) affectionately known as Baby Yoda.

• The starship also has a bridge that also serves as a flight handle, 2 rotating towers with spring loaders, 2 mini TIE fighters and a launch vehicle, as well as a hatch to access the cabin.

• Great weapons and accessories include Mandalorian’s Amban phase pulse blower and spear, Moff Gideon’s dark sword, 2 thermal lighters and electric binoculars for creative play.

• This awesome, creative construction toy makes the best birthday gift, holiday gift or fun treat for trend-setting kids and all Star Wars ™ fans at least 10 years old.

• The Imperial Light Cruiser is over 13 cm high, 58 cm long and 22 cm wide. It’s fun to build alone or with friends and makes an eye-catching screenplay.


Mandalorian Season 2 returns Pedro Pascal (Din Djarin), Gina Carano (Cara Dune), Carl Weathers (Greef Karga), Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon), Bill Burr (Mayfield) and Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand). such as Temuera Morrison (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones), Katee Sackhoff (Star Wars: Clone Wars), Timothy Olyphant (Deserved), Michael Biehn (Terminator), Rosario Dawson (Dizzy) and WWE superstar Sasha Banks.

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