Mario Golf: Super Rush Trailer Details new modes, characters


Last Mario Golf: Super Rush the trailer dives deep into the game’s various modes, features and characters, and comes with a vast amount of material. In particular, Super Rush includes Speed ​​Golf, Battle Golf, Golf Adventure, online and 16 playable characters.

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Practice nailing that hole, take a swing down with the motion controls, or be the fastest golfer for your friends at Speed ​​Golf and more when Mario Golf: Super Rush starts at 6/25!

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The trailer spends a lot of time highlighting the new Speed ​​Golf mode. In it, four players take action at the same time and they have to get on the track quickly while avoiding various obstacles. Each character has their own special line ability, so players want to choose the right moment to get moving during the tournament.

Battle Golf is a variation of Speed ​​Golf that takes place on a single course. The entrant must claim any of the nine holes before the race and be the first to win three wins.

As we saw when the game was first unveiled, Super Rush also includes a Golf Adventure mode with starring Mii characters. This mode features lightweight RPG elements that allow players to level Mii while exploring and interacting with Mushroom Kingdom’s famous characters.

latest-mario-golf-super-rush-trailer-details-new spaces and characters

Super Rush offers 16 playable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It features familiar faces like Mario and Luigi, as well as newcomers like Pauline.

The trailer covers some of the game’s techniques, such as curve shots, spin shots, and a shot gauge. Super Rush uses a traditional system where players have to press a button twice to hit correctly. The shot gauge curves to indicate the effect that the slope affects the ball.

Golfers don’t have to wait long, like Mario Golf: Super Rush will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021.

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