Marvelous sci-fi horror movies for strangers


Marvelous Videos show the characteristics of a foreign creature galore….

a galaxy of horror

Ridley Scottin Alien and James Cameronin Strangers were really something special. They not only took the existing perception of the extraterrestrial threat and made it fresh, but also made it iconic. This is largely due to the nominal antagonists – xenomorph. Designed by HR Giger and played by Bolaji Badejo in the first film, the xenomorphs were pure nightmare fuel: an eye-catching monster with sharp teeth, raven skin and sharp nails ready to hack all the prey.

But as we just said, this wasn’t the first (and certainly not the last) time that evil aliens played a menacing role in horror images. There are a lot of other sci-fi horror movies with strangers, you might want to check out here is a list of 12 such movies here with Marvelous Videos …

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