Marvel’s Log – Episode 2 Review


Martin Carr evaluates the second episode of Marvel’s Loki…


This will start the time jump shenanigans. After it was revealed that Loki follows himself over time in different veils, things turn out in an interesting way. The shady upholstery of the characters collides ominously, while Mobius works hard to keep his charge straight and narrow. There is plenty of searching for souls as Loki gets to think about past transgressions and the series becomes unexpected.

Story elements are constantly unpacked, locations are deployed slowly, and Log becomes a detective story over time. With different eras being embraced, Pat Benatar is beating the senses and other aspects of the TVA business are brought to the fore. For all reason, this is still a fifty-minute solid world building where some set songs have been moved in. Terry Gilliam’s mood continues unabated, while Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Tom Hiddleston continue to explode.


Respect is somewhat lost when the audience finds their feet, but the arrival of Sophia Di Martino definitely brings something new to the party. By channeling the obscure quality that makes up a personality to the Log, he is fleeting but effective. Either toasting TVA employees or overtaking time portals with aplomb, the feminine variation adds new dynamism. There is little to go over that final disposal at the moment, but only four episodes remain in this limited time Log benefits from his presence.

Elsewhere, more is being done about the relationship between Mobius and Ravonna when both are given more screening time. The Easter eggs are full of shelves at Ravonna’s TVA Center, and Mobius is deliberately sitting below him. Currently, their dynamics are defined by conflict, hierarchy, and necessity. A combination that is supposed to change in good time when the God of Evil deviates from his predetermined timeline and follows himself along the rabbit hole.


In addition to sketching, inspired by production design and world-building figures, Log really relies on various theological debates. The passage of time is a constant headache in this series because such things go in both directions. By being able to manipulate minutes, shorten elapsed hours, or stretch seconds forever, the pace begins to change accordingly. It basically means that all bets are off when it comes to linear storytelling. The sequence of events can now come in any order, backwards in itself, or remain in place until it is called. There Log either wins overall or fails spectacularly.

As Marvel continues to include the fourth stage and normalizes the definition of the public multiverse, people can look back at the Log as a valuable starting point. A real cross between a movie and a television, that WandaVision approached in part in its last moments. Despite the planned long game, there is no doubt that this second episode will only confirm what the premiere began. Welcome to all your favorite Asgardian anti-heroes.

Martin Carr

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