Marvel’s Log – Episode 3 Review


Martin Carr evaluates the third episode of Marvel’s Log…


People talk a lot in the third episode Log. Conversation is key, questioning minds interrogate and psychiatrists would have a field day. When literal variations on the subject sit opposite each other in first class, sipping champagne and playing with opinions, the world returns. Barren landscapes, extinction-related events, and brazen techno-steam production planning set the limit. Clever puns, mental sparring and a quiet level of confidence are built on a tight 38-minute run time.

Sophia Di Martino hits the ground, fights and evaporates at every turn. Channeling strong Dr. Who mood before the arrival of Tom Hiddleston, this episode depends on their chemistry. Unfortunately, the set pieces, exhibition and clean plot leave little room for such delicacies. From TVA headquarters to a desert wasteland, relocation is fast and VFX is helping our tag team protagonists with their selfish goals.


The concepts of love, conversations about sexuality, and different life experiences bring depth to their bond as the audience drives to a conclusion. While chemistry is slowly becoming established through dialogue, it is proving invaluable in its place. Nonetheless, while there’s a lot of walking alongside all the talking, episode 3 stays on the right side of the dynamic.

World construction is exceptional because production designer Kasra Farahani combines decaying scrap with elegant neon dipped Blade runner setbacks. Lamentis-1 is implemented in fragments of the screen that have been taken into account to increase this reality. VFX never seems disturbing, although the physical elements enrich the performances of our dynamic duo to some extent. When they begin to be interdependent, which makes both parties powerless, relationships change. This no-win situation needs nothing more than useless hall tricks and hedonistic impulses if both want to survive.


As events evolve from a complex crush and take on a late reluctant team tactic, Log becomes inventive. A game that changes the tracking image merges with several elements of the screen as things clearly turn into a dangerous turn. The speech is passed on in favor of explosions, massacres and falling rubbish. Run shabby and running out of options, audiences will be left hanging as these credits roll out and everyone will be left hanging for another week.

This intentional rock hanger becomes two things as we cross the middle. One is unwavering faith in Marvel’s leading man, Tom Hiddleston, who remains its central unified factor, forever finding new shades in infinitely appealing nature. The other has more to do with their eternal desire to noodle in a universe with unspeakable momentum and limitless possibilities.

Martin Carr

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