Marvel’s Log – Episode 6 Review

Martin Carr evaluates the first final of the Marvel’s Loki season…


An almighty creature sits in the established tower of Obsidian. The figure of such a wicked cunning, which time itself bends according to his will. Surrounded by the repetitive echoes of recurring people, this deity supports time. The fact that Sylvie and Loki meet him is unfortunate, but somehow appropriate to the circumstances. Next up is an episode full of confrontation, minor regrets, and boats of Marvel’s multi-universe shenanigans.

When faced with a living emptiness in the fifth episode, it makes sense for Michael Waldron to rise upward. In a heavy fifty-minute dialogue Log offers one of the most memorable finals to date. For the first time, Tom Hiddleston will have to settle for another violin in a closer season that offers some serious thematic ideas. As moments in history echo during these opening minutes, the fearless duo progresses to the inner sanctuary that comes directly from Tolkien. Ornate carvings, impossibly high ceilings, and some playful architecture prominently point to an absent resident. When they are finally revealed, there is a sleek feature that characterizes this elegantly dressed and inherently confident newcomer.


After this finale, Marvel fans go to melt and combine theories like so many confetti at weddings. Some challenge the presentation, others the costume; but this is the case with passionate people. Interpretation and originality are celebrated only until they block personal opinion. Nonetheless, this finale feels refreshing for this very reason as this new ensemble runs around our two Loki variants.

Elsewhere, Hunter B-15, Ravonna and Mobius are in the sun for a moment as the story continues. Owen Wilson, who has remained consistently good value all along Log, Trumpets come out here, while Gugu Mbatha-Raw continues the best moments he gets. To say that this last roll of the dice offers several different variations is an understatement. The future becomes editable, past organs remain unwritten, and being in an instant never meant so much.


There is also no shortage of long-term narrative purposes, as the people of Marvel are tipping down their flood defenses. This episode may need more than one viewing, only if you want to taste the numerous Easter eggs that have been intentionally peppered. This feels like a fourth-stage sounding record by Kevin Feige that allows Log plenty of room for many futures. After this season’s storm, it’s no wonder the second has been announced. Underestimation of rubber stamp reinforcement can be assumed Log is just nice – which is sure to put a smile on the face of these feverish loyal loyalists.

Martin Carr

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