Mastodon now has the official iPhone app


Distributed social network Mastodon now has an official iPhone app. The organization behind Mastodon launched the application In iOS today, complementing existing and multiple online versions third party applications For iOS, Android and other platforms. The app is free and provides a similar feature to Mastodon’s core service, although it does not include Mastodon’s extensive local and federal schedules.

Mastodon describes the application as specifically aimed at getting new users to the conventional social platform. Like us outlined before, Mastodon looks similar to Twitter, but is built around it independently leading communities (and ActivityPub protocol) instead of a single central network. You can create an account for a community of your choice by following and sending messages to people in other communities. It’s an unusual design among modern social platforms, and providing an official iOS starting point can help people run more smoothly. CEO Eugen Rochko confirmed plans for a comparable Android app, but there is no release schedule.

Mastodon’s iOS app supports features such as queries and sensitive content filters, and the app page subtly highlights differences to larger services like Twitter by mentioning Mastodon’s “ad-free, timeline”. As mentioned above, however, you way search the section for local and allied schedules – Mastodon Firewall for all public posts about your home community and related communities.

Rochko says Limit that these timelines were an “suboptimal” way to find new content, and omitting them also reduced the potential for conflict with Apple, which has required some social networks to limit what users can find through their apps. (For example, Reddit’s iOS app makes you select NSFW content over the network.) For various features, you can continue to use an existing iOS app – or just sign in over the network.

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