Matthew Vaughn assembles stars from Cavill, Rockwell, Cranston, Cena, Dallas-Howard and other Spy thriller Argyll


Looks like Matthew Vaughn can’t get enough of the spy world. When we wait for the pandemic to be delayed The king’s man increase his $ 800 million gross product line, Kick-Ass The director has gathered an impressive number of spies to specify the following success factor Argylle.


Vaughn’s studio MARV has reported that Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa (debut in the film and delivering the soundtrack), John Cena and Catherine O’Hara make up Argylle and that the film will go in front of the cameras in August

The film is based on a soon-to-be-launched novel Argylle, written by author Ellie Conway, follows the world ‘s greatest spy “Argylle” as she embarks on the world’ s trotting adventure. It’s the first part of a planned trilogy that will take the franchise service from America, London and many places around the world.

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Vaughn, who writes about the script WonderfulJason Fuchs commented, saying, “When I read the script for this early draft, I felt it was the most amazing and original spy franchise program since Ian Fleming’s 50’s books. This is going to reinvent the spy genre.”

Big words indeed. Do they inspire you Argylle, or is Actors alone enough for loneliness from Matthew Vaughn’s next film? Let us know by directing to social channels @ FlickeringMyth …


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