Megan Boone leaves the blacklist after 8 seasons


Megan Boone has been a leading star for eight seasons and leaves NBC’s spy drama Black list. Towards the deadline, his exit will follow after the series ’eighth season finale, which is scheduled to premiere next week on June 23rd.

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Black list has followed Boonen’s Elizabeth Keen, a young FBI agent who in the first episode of the series has been ordered to interrogate a former FBI agent and international criminal Raymond ‘Red Reddington, played by James Spader, who provides assistance to the FBI in the hunt. criminals on his blacklist while he serves his own mysterious agenda. During the season, Red has taken a special interest in Liz and specifically selected her for an unknown reason, and through various clues and revelations made over the eight years of the series, she has a past connection to her family.

Boone’s exit was made before the show was renewed for the ninth season in January and was Black list creators and writers. The season closes Liz’s arch, which has seen him flee this season after hunting Red alone, and answers long-standing questions about his past and Red. Boone’s exit begins tonight’s Nachalo episode and ends with next week’s final for Konets, which is in Russian for the appropriate titles ‘Start’ and ‘End’.

How Black list moves forward without Boone and the character of Liz Keen is unknown and will presumably be revealed after the season finale. When Boone leaves, the remaining original Actors are Spader, Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix.


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