Mercedes-Benz confirms that the electronic EQS ​​will cost more than $ 100,000


Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the EQS sedan, its flagship electric vehicle, will cost at least $ 100,000 as it began will take orders in Germany on Tuesday. The basic model, with a 90 kWh battery and using one electric motor to power the rear wheels, starts at € 106,374.10 – about $ 124,000. The more expensive twin-engine four-wheel drive version has a 107.8 kWh battery and starts at € 135,529.10 — or nearly $ 159,000.

When buyers break down the EQS, prices can certainly rise from there. But even if they have a car, Mercedes-Benz uses environmental quality standards to test whether customers are interested in paying for the opening or accepting other software that is available through wireless software updates. For example, Mercedes-Benz electronically limits the steering angle of the rear wheels, but after the purchase, it is possible to pay the company more money to increase the steering angle by a few degrees due to a tighter turning radius. Mercedes-Benz says it even intends to offer ”[t]temporary activations and free trial periods ”to attract these features to customers.

Of course, there are more software-centric additional sales available. For € 89 a month (free of charge after a year, of course), EQS owners get the privilege of playing Tetris, Sudoku and other mini-games with a massive “hyperscreen“On the dashboard, among other things.

Mercedes-Benz is not the only company experimenting with such ideas, and it will certainly not be the last as automakers increase the amount of computer control over different parts of the car movement. Tesla was a pioneer in the idea by offering features such as the Autopilot driver assistance system that can be purchased wirelessly. (At some point, the company even sold some cars with larger batteries that were electronically limited to a lower range, and owners could pay for the opening of additional capacity.) German carmaker BMW also has a rather high idea of ​​the car’s internal microtransactions.

Buyers who don’t bother will still get an incredibly capable electric car. And while the EQS is inevitably compared to the revamped Model S sedan because it’s similar in price and long-range features, Mercedes-Benz’s adoption of maximum luxury is still in stark contrast to Tesla’s minimalism and laser focus on technology. How this continues in Germany and later this year in the United States must be taken into account when the EQS finally begins.

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