Michelle Yeoh joins The Witcher: Blood Origin


Netflix has stated that Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek: Discovery) has joined the actors Witcher esiosa Witcher: The origin of blood.


Yeoh introduces an elf named Scía, who is “the last of his nomadic tribes of sword-elves. No one can come close to his artistry with a blade, and no one bears so much loss in their hearts. , he embarks on a deadly mission that will change the outcome of the continent. “

This upcoming Netflix six-episode limited series is set 1,200 years before the events of the current series, starring Henry Cavill Witcher. Witcher: The origin of blood tells “the lost story of time – the very first creation of Witcher and the events that lead to the central” connection of the balls “as the world of monsters, humans and elves merge; to become one.”

Jodie Turner-Smith was to lead the series, but she had to leave due to a schedule conflict. Although his role has not yet been fulfilled, Yoeh appears in Laurence O’Fuarain (The Vikings) series.

Yeoh has several upcoming films as he is seen as the next action-comedy thriller Powder Milkshake, Marvel’s Shang-Ci and the legend of the seven rings and character sequel from James Cameron. He is currently staring Star Trek: Discovery and it has been said that Yeoh would have his own Star Trek a spin-off focusing on his character, Phillipa Georgiou, and a group of secret and unscrupulous rogue black states 31.


Witcher: The origin of blood is a showrun and directed by Declan de Barra Noidan Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is also a similar producer. Andrzej Sapkowski, who wrote the series Witcher the novels on which the performances and video games are based also act as a consultant Origin of blood.

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